Fighting to protect fishing from pollution, poaching, commercial over-fishing, illegal navigation, over-abstraction and many other threats.

International organization aiming to conserve and encourage the grayling, Thymallus thymallus. Provides information on membership, publications, research and angling.

Charitable organisation dedicated to the conservation of wild trout in Britain and Ireland through the protection and restoration of their habitats.

Reciprocal arrangements with HFF allow us to offer members 3 miles of first class fishing on the river Nidd.

Maker of the finest, hand crafted, custom built centrepin fishing reels.

For up to date information on the level of Pickering Beck and other waters within the Derwent catchment.

The web site of the East Yorkshire Branch of the Flydressers’ Guild (EYFDG).

Limited edition fine art prints of fishing illustrations and photography.

Competitive artwork and web services.

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